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Welcome to - the gesneriad shop!

Welcome to Blommia

My name is Mia Hermansson and I have been growing gesneriads in Sweden for almost 25 years. In 2007 I decided to start this company selling gesneriads over the Internet.

My aim is to offer you many different kind of gesneriads, in all different colors and style. This is only a one man (woman) -company so respect that many of the varieties are in limited supply. I only send labeled, well established young plants or rhizomes.

Please observe that I can only sell plants within the European Union.

How to order

If it's possible try to fill out the order form in the web shop. You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail directly after your order has been placed. Please read this confirmation carefully as it notes when you will receive your invoice. Please don't make any payment until you've received an invoice from!

After you have received your invoice you can pay by making a bank transfer (free of charge) or by using PayPal (there's a charge of 50 SEK). I do not accept any form of cheques.

I start sending out plants in April and continue to do so till the end of October. I only send plants when the weather allows it and there is no danger of cold damages to the plants. Post and packing are as follows:

orders with a value up to 600 SEK - post and package are 139 SEK

orders with a value 600- 1800 SEK - post and package are 199 SEK

orders with a value over 1800 SEK - post and package are 259 SEK

All plants are sent as First Class Mail International. If you want extra security I can send also your plants using Registered Mail International. Then the package is given a unique item ID and can be tracked all the way from posting to delivery in more than 10 countries. For this there will be an extra fee, just ask and I will provide the information. All orders with an order value of more than 2000 SEK will automatically be sent with registred mail without any extra cost.

If you have difficulties in filling in the order form or have any questions just send me an e-mail: info@blommia. se and I will help you work it out.


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